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This free offer is by special invitation only!

You may not share or otherwise transfer this invitation with anyone else - $200 Value!
You have been hand selected (Meaning I did not use any spam or mailing list or any other annoying marketing stuff) to receive a free Website SEO analysis. Nothing is for free, however the analysis will help us determine the SEO saturation for your specific business in your specific location/city. So we ARE getting something out if it. Although we would really like to earn your business, you are not obligated to spend a dime.

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We only offer this to ONE specific type of small business in each city, however if you do hire us, we are exclusive to you, we do not work with any of your local competitors.  
Since we are a very niche Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing company, we are as particular about our clients as our clients are about selecting a SEO company.  If  you haven't already browsed the website, please take the time and read over all of the pages to see what we do, how it works and why it is unique, before reading any further.

If you would like to use our services there are some requirements:

  1. You must represent a small business (Less than 30 full-time employees)
  2. Your annual sales must be less than $3M
  3. 90% or more of your sales/service is local

Thanks for your time
Jason & Jaime Jones
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