General Questions

1Why do I need SEO?
We understand that small businesses have limited advertising dollars. Think of this type of optimization as the new "yellow pages". As you recall yellow page advertising, was not inexpensive, and you could not alter your ad for 1 year or make changes as your budget changed. Search engine ranking is now the top priority, as over 80% of your clients are using search engines to find what they need. With all that in mind, this will enhance any and all other advertising modes that you choose to have. Your website appearance is your first impression to clients. If your website is outdated, not professional or not easy to use, they will go to your competition. Also, if they can't find you within the top 10 search results, they will not find you
2Do I have to sign a contract?
No. SEO maintenance should be kept ongoing to maintain ranking, but we do not require you to sign a contract. For those clients who do sign annual contracts, we do offer reduced rates.
3How soon will I see results?
There are many factors that contribute to speed of results. The state of your current website, and your current search engine ranking. How active you are with forms of social media currently and blogging will also factor into length of time. We will analyze your site and provide you our best estimate of how long your unique website, based on the plan you choose, will take to see results.
4Do you guarantee ranking?
We guarantee you will see improvement but no one can guarantee you a certain rank on any search engine. If a company is claiming this, take caution. Our goal is to do our best to serve you and increase your business. Happy customers, stay and if we are doing a good job, you will notice results. We do guarantee to strive to perform the best we can for you and your business.
5How can I pay?
We can set you up for a monthly automated credit card payment. We can also accept paypal and ACH transfers. If there is another option you prefer, just ask, we are willing to work with you to make it most convenient for you!
6What is Framework?
Your framework is the initial investment you spend setting up all of the tools, landing pages, blogs, etc... (see individual plans for each item) this is a one time cost and if you decide later that you want to upgrade your framework, you only pay the difference between the two at that time or if your service plan has enough hours, we can use that time to set the other items up. The framework is normally setup once and you are done. Sometimes we may need to tweak a page or two or change something but for the most part you are not going to be billed anything extra.
7What are keywords?
When you use a search engine like Google, you enter words to search for what you are looking for. You may use a single word or a combination of words (Phrases) to help you narrow your search. The results you see are the relevant searches of those words, across the entire internet. It is important that the keywords you would like to optimize will most benefit your website. Since we focus on LOCAL small business service we also optimize for your location
8What is Relevancy?
Relevancy is very important in search engine ranking. We use the term relevancy many times on our website. In the terms of search engine ranking, relevancy just mean how relevant something is to your content or website. So for example someone linked to your website that was from a blog about kitchen appliances that has nothing to do with your business. There would be no relevancy and in fact it could be negative to your rankings. Links and content MUST be relevant to your keywords. If you had a business selling pencils in Orlando you may have Keywords like "Orlando Pencils" this combination of keywords should be relevant to both content in your website (so your address on your contact page and the word pencils used through out) and anyone linking should also have these same or similar words on their website or blog.
9What are Meta-Tags, Headers, robot.txt and sitemaps?
The terms are often thrown around the SEO industry without caring to explain them to customers. In all honestly, unless you are also a computer and internet guru, you shouldn't worry too much about them; however, they are very important to search engines. Just know that a good SEO knows all about how to handle these import aspects of your website. The meta-tags are hidden code behind your website pages that help search engines pull keywords and content. Headers are similar but are visible. They are ways for you to identify import keywords on your site. A header tag is used to tell the search engine "this word or phrase is important and tell people about me" Robot text files are ways for us to tell the search engine something when they are spidering the site. We can tell it to come back tomorrow if you have a blog that you are writing too daily or we can tell it not to index a page that you may not want to have indexed. For example you may want to highlight a calendar of event on your site that may have nothing or no relevant content about your business. In which case you want to tell the search engine to move on to another page. Sitemaps are another thing we do for search engine spiders. It gives them a way to organize the content of your site without wasting it's resources and getting it wrong. Remember Search spiders are blind and dumb. They are just computer programs that are told to index pages and follow links.
10What is Spidering and Indexing
Search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo, have massive computer data centers that have servers. These servers run programs that surf the internet all day long 24 hours a day. There are millions of these programs running. They are blind and dumb and the only job they have is to read and copy your webpage, pick out a word list, and index it into a database. Spidering is also the same as "WebCrawling", it is just a name given to these programs that "Crawl" all over your website. Indexing just means taking all of the words on your website and organizing them in small phrases, then saving it. It is similar to caching your website page (Saving all of the data) but indexing just picks the most important parts and counts the words and ranks them by how relevant they are to other pages on your site. Your ranking depends on how they match other words on your website to other people's websites.
11What is Mobile Optimization and why do I need it?
In 2015 Google began to penalize websites that were not mobile optimized. You can read about it here Your website may either need to be re-developed so that it is responsive to mobile devices or a permanent detecting and redirecting to a 2nd website that is mobile friendly. Depending on several factors the later may or may not be possible. We can help you lay out your options, however it is important that you invest in migrating to a mobile friendly platform. We have development services that specialize in this so we can either advise you or provide the work.
12What are Rankings?
Rankings are simply where you place on a search engine's results page after you search on your keywords. It is always in your best interest that you place on the first page since 95% of all clicks are done there. Ultimately you want to be in the top 3 but this all depends on your internet footprint and the number of relevant links you have to your site.
13What is my Internet Footprint?
Your internet foot print is basically how many times your website is linked or talked about on the web. You want to be spread out across many other websites that have similar keywords. Having your website mentioned 100 times on a single blog is much less effective and relevant than if you were mentioned 10 times across 10 different blogs or websites. The more references you have to your website the larger footprint you have and the larger foot print you have the higher your rankings are.
14Who are you and why are you different?
Our SEO company is part of our web development and hosting company called Jaime and Jason the owners of Webgator but found much more enjoyment with helping local small businesses beat larger big budget competitors without costing an arm and leg. Without some sort of SEO work it is more often than not, the internet search engines will not help you. We wanted to give small businesses an edge buy helping very specific niche business markets. We found that sharing resources and links to relevant content and having each business in it own city, their relevancy and rankings increased without having to spend so much extra time and resources. It is a business model that very few SEO's take but it is very effective and a smart use of resources. We still do development work and manage web development with our employees, however we now focus on what we enjoy most and that is helping small businesses take a bigger bite out of the american dream!
15What other services do you provide?
Since Jaime and Jason own a Web hosting and Development company, we can assist with any type of computer or internet work and we are able to add services to our SEO focus as you need. This provides a sort of a one-stop-shop if you ever need something as opposed to referring you to another company or saying we can't help. However regarding our SEO work, we focus only on this, whether it be rankings, or web mastering (Maintaining your website for you) we just make sure you are visible to others and people find you and your business.