How it works and what makes us different?


Being an expert at a few, special niche type businesses has allowed us to create a huge advantage over the every day, SEO companies. If you are lucky to be one of the few, we guarantee your website and local business will become a beacon to anyone looking for your services.
Since we only focus on a few specialized service businesses, it gives us both a big advantage over both of our competitors. Not only do we already know the best keywords, but also know what it will take for your business to stand out over your competitors in local searches. Search engines are the next evolution of "Yellow pages" By linking your businesses to others in our select chosen business types, will establish your relevancy quickly so that your footprint is more authoritative. It is the equivalent to the front page or back page of the "yellow pages". We can then focus on your local relevancy and the next time someone uses their smart phone to find your business type, you WILL be front and center on that list. We are also exclusive to you and will only work with ONE business in one city so that you are never in direct competition with any of our other clients locally.  Relevancy is very important in ranking. If you have 1000 people linking to your website and not a single reference to your business type, you will actually get penalized with less relevancy, than if you had only 2 links from a site that just mentions one of your keywords. It is not the number of links you have, it is the QUALITY and RELEVANCY of those links. Think of it as an exclusive club for our customers. Any articles, posts or references to relevant content helps your ranking, if there is a link from it. Google will take that information and connect it to your location, thus giving you LOCAL RELEVANCY! Although we will still do all of the normal SEO tasks, you get the advantage of our growing network to increase your relevancy much quicker and help maintain your rankings. We are slowly building a network of relevant and similar Hobby related businesses around the country. Because of this laser focused approach we can help increase ranking result 100 times better than any other SEO.


Nearly all SEO's will charge you a high monthly fee and offer a bunch of options that you get with one plan and not another, it is often confusing and allows these other companies, to take advantage of you. Before the process of building your company's presence and increasing your rankings, there is a Framework that we create. Depending on your initial investment / budget, you can elect to do a little, or go all out. The framework starts with your local business listings and presence. These include things like:
  1. Creating and/or optimizing your business presence, such as establishing or updating your Google Plus account, local business listings, and company landing pages and profiles with search engines like Bing and Yahoo Listings and more
  2. We update, claim and verify all of your local maps such as Google, Bing and Apple maps listing so people can find you. It also includes your social media pages like Facebook business page, LinkedIn Business page, Twitter and other social media websites... and don't worry if you don't have time to maintain these, this is where we come in after the Framework is in place!
  3. We also setup and create a set of webmaster accounts with the search engines like Google Webmaster Tools,  Bing (Microsoft)Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, Google and Bing/Yahoo Analytics. they give you and us the resources to help maximize your lead over your competition.

Web Page Optimization

We then analyze your website , getting it setup to be optimized for the search engines to list your site properly. Many of your pages need to be setup as responsive to the search engine spidering(this simple means cataloging your page and their relevancy to Google searches). Things like meta-tags, headers, and formatting are very important to search engines.  We also make sure the content and the placement of your "keywords" are in the right places. All of this is called page optimization.

It all starts with selecting a Framework Plan

The good thing is, that framework items typically only need to be setup once. So rather than be like our competitors and charge you a high monthly fee over and over for setup items, that only are done once, we do it once and offer you services plans following setup, to keep them updated.


Once the framework is in place, it is time to start using it to grow your internet footprint and increase your rankings. This is an monthly, recurring cost. You can choose to do this yourself if you have the time but it is important to stay on it. You can't lay dormant and do nothing, otherwise your relevancy falls away and your competitors will be biting at your heels again. You only need a few hours a month to devote to SEO , once you have established your web presence. If you choose for us to do this for you, our monthly service plans are broken down into time spent by us, driving traffic and relevancy, to beat your competitors. You want the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to see your website and your business to be more relevant and authoritative than your competitor.  It all starts with increasing your link exposure. One way to do this is link building or "submitting" (Linking your website from other reputable sites). We can also write new, and fresh content about your website or business, and post updates to your social media pages to increase exposure. This is often called monthly content submission. For those of you that REALLY want to get a handle on your internet presence, we also offer real time monitoring of the internet for anything that is posted about your company, so we can take quick action to take care of a problem or further promote, good media coverage that you would not otherwise know about. The bottom line is we are here to help you advertise your business and we are always here to answer any questions you may have before selecting a plan. If you decide to choose another SEO that's ok. We have always believed that educating our customers first, and taking the extra time with them, will earn us their business in some way, respect, and future referrals. So, a quick re-cap: You select a Framework package to get the initial things set up.Then a monthly service package to get the website moving up in rankings.  There is no pressure, because you can quit any time, or choose to be more aggressive. You are not required to continue indefinitely, we hope we show you enough improvements in ranking that you will want us to stay on, to get you to the top! Our intention is for your business to grow. which then you will want to invest in more time in keeping you #1 in your city and driving more customers to your door. If there isn't a plan that matches your needs we can custom make one just for you!
Step 11

Step 1

After your first contact with us, we like to get to know you and what specific services your business offers. Then, we find your vision for the future of your business. Next, we identify your company's website strengths, and weaknesses.To find out your biggest threats, we have you help us identify your local competitors. Finally, we work with you to identify your keyword list, your budget and your capabilities to make the best plan of action to increase customer reach.
Step 22

Step 2

Your current website is more thoroughly analyzed, and we take note of current rankings while developing a personal, customized strategy based on your budget. Based on your website need, and budget,we get a plan of action approved, then begin optimizing your current website. Top priority is establishing the local keywords that people will most likely use to find you and we hit the ground running!
Step 33

Step 3

We then benchmark a marketing campaign, and begin analyzing your website traffic. Link building commences, to help increase your website's relevancy and to target your specific customers. Depending on your budget and plan, we help you setup and/or begin growing your Social Media presence. This process (step) is all about growing your internet presence and your website's relevancy to your business.
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Step 4

The final step is the on going link building to build more relevancy or maintain it, and social media growth, and/or monitoring (depending on your chosen plan) Then together, we watch your customer base grow!

Why people choose us?

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