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Step 1 - Choose your Framework

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What is the Framework?

Charging you a high monthly fee and listing a bunch of options that you get or don't get is often too confusing and allows these other companies to rip you off. To begin the process of building your company's presence and increase your rankings, there is a Framework that has to be created. Some, all or none may be done, it all depends on what you want and how much you want to invest. The first part of this framework is your local business listings and presence.

These include things like:

1. Establishing and optimizing your business presence, such as Google Plus account, Free local white pages, Yahoo, Bing and more.

2. Creating or updating local Google, Bing and Apple maps listings so people can find you. Your Facebook business page, LinkedIn Business page, Twitter and other social media websites.

3. Creating a set of webmaster accounts with the search engines like Google Webmaster Tools, Yahoo Site Explorer, Bing (Microsoft)Tools, Google and Bing/Yahoo Analytics. These accounts give us the resources to help maximize your lead over your competition.

Web Page Optimization

The framework continues to include your website itself. Where certain pages need to be setup to be responsive to the search engine spidering (this just means indexing and cataloging your page and its relevancy to google searches). Things like headers, meta-tags, and formatting are very important to search engines. The content and the placement of your "keywords" that you want people to find your listing, also has to be optimized. This is all called page optimization.

It all starts with selecting a Framework Plan

All of these framework items typically only need to be setup once. Instead of just charging a high monthly fee and including them as if they are done over and over, we give you an option to select a framework plan so you only pay for what you want created THEN you select a Service Plan that meets your budget.


One time cost!

For tight budgets

  • 2 Page Optimizations
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Plus Business
  • Google Local Business Maps
  • Google Analytics (Site Traffic)
  • Professional Business Facebook Page

  • Silver

    One time cost!

    Close in on your Competition - Fast Start

  • ALL of BRONZE Plus:
  • 6 Total Page Optimizations
  • 5 Custom Website Landing Pages
  • Twitter Business Page
  • Apple Maps Business Page

  • Gold

    One time cost!

    Demolish your competitors - Very Aggressive Start

  • ALL of SILVER Plus:
  • 10 Total Page Optimizations
  • 10 Total Custom Website Landing Pages
  • Foursquare Business Page
  • Professional Blogger Website
  • Social Media Tracking Setup*

  • Step 2 - Choose your Service Plan

    The service plan does NOT start until the framework is complete and you are happy with the work that was performed.
    Help me pick a service plan - CLICK HERE TO CLOSE
    The service plans are what keep your site growing in relevancy. Relevancy is what increases your rankings. Rankings are how people find you. So, it goes to show that after your framework is in place, you need it to work for you. You may find yourself overwhelmed with all of the things some SEO companies say they will do or what they will do with this "plan" or "that" plan, but for us it does not matter because there is nothing that we won't do in order to help build your site rankings. Us SEO's have a lot of resources and methods to follow and if you really want to know the details we have listed them below.

    What does matter is the time allocated to your account. You may have seen some SEO plans that give you a number of keywords or submission postings or articles or press releases etc... all of these are fantastic ways to build rankings, but we don't omit something just because it is not part of a plan. How we serve you is the number of hours we spend on your account per month. If your budget is tight, and you choose the level 1 plan, we put those hours to the maximum use and depending on where you are and what has already been done, we may focus on getting business listing registered with other websites, we could post a new release or post something business related on your Facebook page. So you are never limited to what techniques we deploy to your ranking. With that in mind we do have to be mindful about what we can do with that time. For example if you were on a level 1 but had us setup a blog with the Gold framework, we are not going to have enough time to write articles on your blog and do site submissions and other promoting activities. So we have to manage our time in the most effective way and you need to choose a service plan that will accommodate what you have selected as your framework. That is not to say that after your ranking is where you want it that doing upkeep at a level 1 service plan wouldn't work for you, because it may. It is all dependent on your business, your budget and the current trends in the search engines algorithms. We will always communicate with you so that you know what has been done and what needs to be done and if your service plan is being effective enough for your framework. We want nothing more than for your site to rank high. It keeps you a happy customer and a great referral for our future clients.

    So what plan should you choose? If you are starting out we would match the Framework with the service plan. In other words If you had a basic we suggest either a level 1 or level 2. You could certainly opted for a Level 3 or 4 but those extra hours are better suited for very aggressive ranking techniques like blog and article writing and maintaining your social media accounts. Conversely, if you selected a Gold Framework, you don't want to undermine your investment, you need extra hours to maintain those postings and such. Most people starting off either get a Bronze or Silver framework and a Level 2 or 3 support. Smaller businesses will often select a Basic and a Level 1 or 2 service. It all depends on your budget and how quickly you need to gain rankings.

    Level 1

    $199 mo

    For tight budgets

    We recommend this package for the Basic or Bronze framework in order to best utilize your resources. This plan allocates up to 4 hours of dedicated work towards your website. This is typically enough time to focus on between 2 -4 Keywords or phrases that you want to be found under. It is not uncommon for results to start showing after 3-4 months, depending on your current ranking.

  • 4 Hours per month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Weekly Monitoring

  • Level 2

    $399 mo

    Steady Growth

    This plan is also recommended for the Basic or Bronze framework. It doubles the time spent and is best for businesses that are looking to see results generally with in the first 2-3 months. This plan allocates up to 8 hours of dedicated work towards your website. This is enough time to focus on between 5 - 8 Keywords or phrases that you want to be found under.

  • 8 Hours per month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Weekly Monitoring

  • Level 4

    $799 mo

    For those that need to see results quicker

    The Advanced plan allocates 16 hours and is recommended for the Silver or Gold framework. The allocates enough time to be somewhat active on the social media front, more custom articles and/or between 8 - 10 keywords. With 16 hours of dedicated attention your ranking will results are more likely to be noticed in 1 -2 months depending on current ranking.

  • 16 Hours per month
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Daily Monitoring


    Level 5

    $1299 mo

    Need to see results yesterday

    The Aggressive is definitely for the Silver or Gold frameworks. 25 hours provides a lot of attention to custom content, social media posts and news releases. Results are often noticed in 1 -2 months depending on the number of keywords you are wanting to focus on. The plan also includes real time reputation monitoring of the internet for anything posted about you or your company. This lets us react to anything posted negatively or to exploit an opportunity to earn more business customers by responding quickly to their questions..

  • 25 Hours per month
  • Weekly reporting
  • Daily Monitoring
  • *Reputation Monitoring
  • Add Reputation Monitoring

    $49 mo

    To add Reputation monitoring to either level 1 - 3 (Level 4 includes this feature) keeps a eye on the internet and will alert us/you anytime your business or name is mentioned. This includes blogs, Facebook. Twitter and all of the social media feeds.  It give us the opportunity to increase good exposure or correct a problem that you would not have normally known about.

    • 24hr Internet Monitoring
    *Reporting Services are either Monthly or Weekly. This gives you your current ranking and the changes in ranking over time. It is like a "Health Checkup" of your service plan and gives you and us an overall feel of how your site is gaining rank.
    *Monitoring (Daily or Weekly) include tracking changes in your ranking, posts or requests in your social media accounts and other maintenance needs. The more active we are with your social media portion of our services the more this needs to be monitored. (Ranking, Blogs, Posts and any other requirements)

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